Gullet bars

Gullet bars

Pommels of the saddle trees are reinforced by iron gullet bars. These gullet bars are exchangeable and adjustable. Gullet bars can be adjusted with help of special pressure saddle machines at cold state. However it is only possible to adjust the bar by max. ±2 cm, otherwise molecular structure of the material can be damaged which results in reduction of firmness of the gullet bar.
The following widhts of the gullet bars are available:
1 – narrow 2 – medium 3 – medium wide 4 – wide 5 – extra wide



For determination of a correct gullet bar width take the following steps:
1) flex the withers measuring gauge in a place that lies two fingers behind horse‘s scapula and take the crosswise measurement
2) choose a correct gullet bar width according to the angle that is formed by the arms of that crosswise measurement

Gullet bar:

1 – Angle 63° 2 – Angle 73° 3 – Angle 83° 4 – Angle 93° 5 – Angle 99°
This is just an orientation method that cannot serve as an underlay for production of the saddle fitted to horse.


The lenght of the gullet bars is the same for all sizes. It is also possible to order gullet bars prolonged by 1, 2 or 3 cm