Saddle Tree

CARBON Saddle Tree

This saddle tree is laminated with layers of carbon, Kevlar and two other composite materials. The result is a well-balanced, light but strong, springy tree that moulds to the horse but maintains its shape. Due to its thin structure and unique shock absorbing ability it substantially improves the contact between the horse and rider. The gullet is not only adjustable but also exchangeable in five different options which assures the absolute fit for any horse and offers exceptional variety as far as any saddle on the current market.


GRP Saddle Tree

A more ’on budget’ alternative to the carbon tree, this tree is fully laminated, but identical in shape to the Carbon tree. It is made out of glass mould particles and the weight is 300 g more than the Carbon tree. It is strenghtened with several layers of carbon and Kevlar fiber in the front part.



WEBFLEX Saddle Tree

Webflex tree is a classic flexible saddle tree lenghtwise reinforced with spring steel. The body of the tree is made of fiberglass with webbing. The pommel consists of exchangeable and adjustable iron gullet bar.





Greater comfort for every GRP and CARBON saddle tree. This comfort is guaranteed by a PU foam which covers the leather and the oval hole in the front part of the saddle tree. All of this makes this part of the saddle tree more flexible and comfortable. Venus-Comfort-Seat feature can be ordered for every GRP and CARBON saddle tree at a surcharge.