Saddle panels

Height of the saddle panel

Horses with high withers and lower line of the back need higher saddle panel in the back part of the saddle. Wool stuffed panel is available in +1, +2 or +3 cm option.



Wool flocked panel

Fully synthetical wool which can conform to the horse´s back is used for filling of the panel. This wool remains soft and flexible even after a long-time use. Wool stuffed panel is very comfortable for the horse, has excellent absorbing abilities and it is possible to individually fit it to the horse´s back. Several layers placed under the wool ensure smooth, flat and even surface of the panel.
*3mm       LP foam eliminates tensibility of the leather
*10mm     PU foam gives the panel nice reaction softness
*5mm        felt ensures higher stability of the panels


Felt (French) panel

The middle part of this panel is filled with synthetic wool which is wrapped in felt material and finally covered with leather. This type of panel is very comfortable for the horse and keeps its height (thickness) very well. It doesn´t have any edge and can be individually shaped.


Latex panel

The infill of the panel is made of PU foam. The main advantage of this panel is that it offers the rider an excellent contact with his horse and it does not change its shape even after longtime use. The disadvantage is that the shape of the panel is unchangeable and the panel cannot conform to the shape of the horse´s back.